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First position in the search engine

There is nothing more important for a website than high position in organic search results. Organic, i.e. those that are not supported by advertising campaigns. Knowing your search space is important before taking action generally known as positioning. Without knowing how your site's position is seen by browsers, you cannot take appropriate action.

How do I check the visibility of the page?

The simplest ways turn out to be the best. By using your browser only, you can do this without leaving your computer. Preparation will not take more time than it takes to make fresh coffee and turn on the computer.

Step by step

Open the browser you are using and enter the keyword for which the search will be performed in the address box, after approval, the search engine will select the results, because we have definitely been on the page we were looking for before, among all the results, the website for which we are looking for the item will have a different font color (the color of the address of the previously visited site), which will allow you to browse the results faster. If we don't find our site in at least the first 10 pages of results, we definitely need positioning because research shows that it is the first page of results that gets most of the traffic, and even the first position. It is enough just to look at her to be in no doubt. The only thing left to do is to confront the position with the ideas. If what we see does not meet expectations, move on to the next point.


The next step will be optimization, that is, adapting the website to the requirements of search engines. In turn, optimization is preceded by an audit performed by a professional.

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