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How to run advertising campaigns?

Medium selection

The first step of any advertising campaign is to define the medium through which we will reach users. In Poland, ads on Facebook and ads in the Google search engine are the most popular. Both advertising platforms have their pros and cons. In the case of Facebook, we get access to amazing opportunities to define the audience. Using the Facebook Ads application, we can reach people of a certain age, gender or place of residence. Thanks to this, we are able to use our advertising budget to the maximum. In this case, the problem is the conversion. With the use of a social networking site, we reach specific people, but we are not sure if these people are currently interested in taking a specific interaction (e.g. purchasing our product). Ads look different in Google Ads. With this application, we define specific keywords that will trigger our ad to be displayed. We can predict which keywords in our industry have a direct purchasing intention behind them. Setting up an ad in Google Ads requires a bit of experience and regular analysis of the results. However, thanks to this, we are able to reach customers who are actually looking for our services.

Creating advertising material

Internet marketing is based on responding to the specific needs of the recipient. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of limiting themselves to just creating one set of ads. The advertising campaign should have separate advertising for each audience. For large companies, this can be quite a laborious task. If we care about time - we will be happy to help you in matching advertisements to a specific group of recipients.

Materials are most often published in the form of pay per click. This means that the advertiser pays for each click of the user on the selected advertising material. The prices charged per click depend on the competition in the selected industry. Most online advertising applications work by auction. Due to this, the price of a click varies. It can be from several dozen groszy to several dozen zlotys. The advertiser has the option to set a maximum amount that he is willing to pay per click. In addition, advertising applications promote materials that are best suited to the way a particular platform functions.

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